If You Want To Protect Your Child, Show Them How To Protect Themselves

Southside Academy of Combat Kids Silat


Bullying is what every child worries about, to being a victim of in school.
That is why here at the Southside Academy of Combat, we train your child to learn self-defence and to become confident, respectable and positive.

We also train them to become more aware of their surroundings and the actions of their opponent. Each move they learn is done responsibly and with discipline. 

Our kids Silat classes are realistic, easy-to-learn and proven self-defence techniques in a fun and enjoyable environment.


We Make A Difference In Underwood Community

Did you know that every month, we donate to Life Education?

Life Education is an organization that empowers children to live a safe and healthy life.

As you improve your skills and health with us, you also help keep one disadvantaged child safe from harm!

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What Our Clients Have Said About Us


Martina Bilek

I have been training at Southside Academy of Combat for a year now, and cannot speak highly enough of it. My instructors are patient, highly skilled and are well equipped to teach children as well as adults. The academy is family orientated and has a comfortable atmosphere which is reflected by the students. I also recommend the private sessions which I utilise the most in my training.

Martina Bilek



What an amazing academy! My son really enjoys himself while learning life long skills that suit his individual needs that build strength in mind and body. His coach Mas Taufan is extremely supportive and encouraging.



Sarushen Gounden

The first thing you notice when entering Southside Academy of Combat is the supportive environment that Mas Taufan and the other instructors foster. An environment that makes me look forward to class every week. I am always challenged but at the same time I have never felt as though I was out of my depth with training.

Training Silat has taught me not only self defence, but also discipline and the importance of taking initiative. Something that I have carried into my personal and professional life.

Walking through the doors of Southside Academy of Combat was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Sarushen Gounden


Kal Shanab

What an awesome place to train. The Master Taufan is funny, ambitious, and knowledgeable. I have been coming here for a few months and it's become an addiction. I would highly recommend freinds and family to train here if they want to learn the art and to get in shape or stay in shape.

Kal Shanab


Amran Arief

I love this place. Getting healthy, getting ready, getting friends, getting family. My kids and I love the martial art class and the coaches are awesome.

Amran Arief


Alham Shebeb

I love this place! Cherie is the best trainer i've had the pleasure of working with. I wake up everyday excited to get me MMA on and become a total badass.

Alham Shebeb


David Ferris

Southside Academy of Combat is a great place to learn and grow your martial abilities. The facilities are clean and there is plenty of training area and equipment. The trainers are friendly and competent in their respective arts making for a great training environment. This is why I go to SSAC for my training.

David Ferris


Francine Shaepper

Great training facilities with very competent instructors. High energy kids classes and awesome people. Can only recommend!

Francine Shaepper


John Berras

Best place to train martial arts! Mas/Coach Taufan is an awesome instructor and detailed in his teachings. Students and staff are very friendly. Made me feel part of the family from day one. Great environment and facilities. I'm very happy with them to be part of my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

John Berras


Hafsah Negussie

I started training with Southside Academy of Combat and signed up to do womens only mma conditioning class. I wasn't looking for much except a new activity. What I didn't realise was that I would be introduced to a martial arts that would change my life forever. I started to learn the gentle art of bjj, and grew in ways I never thought possible. The coach, Cherie dedicates so much time and attention into the individual needs and quality of each of her students which produces individual unique growth. She's been my mentor ever since and she's taught me foundational techniques that has been the basis of my growth. The muay Thai side of the class taught me and enabled better hand eye coordination, allowed me to work on the other side of my brain. Being right handed, I always thought my right would be my better side, now my left is the better side in relation to striking. I can't recommend these classes enough. Even for just general fitness, it's a fun way to get fit and learn new martial arts. I'm forever grateful, and blessed to have started my journey here!

Hafsah Negussie

Help Us Turn Your Little Ones Into Little Warriors

With all the possible forms of bullying and the bad impact it can bring, we want to equip your child with this traditional Indonesian Martial Art and experience the following benefits:

  • They will become more alert and focused as they learn how to assess possible threats and dangers in their surroundings.
  • Increase their self-esteem as they become equipped with the techniques and movements needed to defend themselves.
  • Become more successful in life because they will understand the importance of hard work in achieving their goals.
  • They will become disciplined little warriors who will be mindful of their actions yet prepared for any threatening situations.
  • Gain friends and experience a family orientated culture in our academy.

Learning Silat Martial Art will not only equip your child on how to deal with bullies but also build their self-esteem in order to stand up in any threatening situations. The striking and defensive techniques in silat training system will help your child to understand the dangers of fighting in a real situation.

"Will my child get hurt/ Will my child hurt others?"

In Southside Academy of Combat, we teach self-control and discipline and we always teach our students how to win without hurting anyone.

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4/3261 Logan Rd, Underwood, Queensland 4119

Phone: +61 7 3075 5501

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